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CHI ’13 – CrossWorlds Presentation & Workshop-Panel


CHI ’13 Opening Plenary

crossWorlds fellows Kalja Kanellopoulos and Michael Heidt were invited to present their paper ‘Stubborn Materialities / Unruly Aesthetics’ at CHI ’13. The participation in the workshop ‘Crafting Interactive Systems’ included a talk as well as acting as panellists for the session ‘technology as critique’. Focussing on a reconceptualization of the relationship between artistic and scientific practices, both researchers explored the potentials inherent in digital materialities. According to their positions, displacements introduced by interactive art open new expressive possibilities for aesthetic unmasking of power relations. The presentation sparked lively discussions as well as obtaining strongly positive feedback.
Throughout the conference, the field of HCI articulated itself as driven by a highly dynamic community. An atmosphere of openness towards heterodox thought was perceived as helpful intellectual catalyst, creating exciting opportunities for integration of scientific, artistic and designerly practices.
ACM CHI is widely acknowledged as the most prestigious conference in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction. This year’s CHI was the largest and most multicultural event hosted so far with around 3300 attendees, representing a total of 54 nations.



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