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CrossWorlds research published in Scientific Reports

Wirzberger, Schmidt, Georgi, Hardt, Brunnett, & Rey (2019)

A sophisticated example of interdisciplinary research was realized by CrossWorlds alumni Dr. Maria Wirzberger (formerly Psychology of Learning with Digital Media), René Schmidt (Computer Engineering) and Maria Georgi (formerly Computer Graphics and Visualization). Together, they developed a dialog-based memory training with a virtual agent and tested it with a sample of 62 elderly participants between 60 and 80.

Their results were recently published in the renowned Nature journal Scientific Reports and mark a proud milestone in CrossWorlds history. Taken together, the findings indicate a trade-off between performance and individual preferences when designing assistive technology for cognitive improvement.

The article is available via https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-019-44718-x.



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