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E-Learn 2013


Keynote speech of E-Learn 2013

Organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education the 18th international E-Learn World Conference “E-Learn 2013” took place from October 21th – 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The annual conference serves as a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of information on research, development, and applications of all topics related to e-Learning in the Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education sectors. Kai-Uwe Martin of CrossWorlds’ Learning tandem presented his work
“Delivering complex learning content on mobile devices” as well as the general concept and idea of CrossWorlds. Highlights of the conference were the keynote by Roderick Sims of the University of Southern Queensland, Australia “The E-Learning Wars: The Force and the Dark Side!” and the first gathering of the special interest group “E-Learning Trends and Innovations (ELTI)”. During the conference and the workshops very controversial views on the current role of e-learning and of the emerge of trends like personal learning and open learning have been expressed and discussed which was possible thanks to the open atmosphere of the conference and certain degree of professionalism kept by all participants.



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