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European cognitive psychologists hosted in Potsdam

Nations present at the conference

On behalf of the 20th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, from September 3rd to 6th nearly 800 researchers from Europe and beyond, working on various cognition-related research questions, vistited Potsdam. The young university – founded just in 1991 – located in the German city with the highest amounts of researchers and castles per resident, hosted the celebratory occasion and prepared a rich program filled with outstanding workshops, keynotes, talks and posters.

Motivated by the local research and teaching focus, embodied cognition comprised a topic of special interest during the conference, represented by talks from experts like Friedemann Pulvermüller, Arthur Glenberg, Martin Fischer or Yann Coello. In addition, the schedule included various talk sessions and symposia on issues related to multitasking, mainly resulting from a current joint priority program that spans several German universities.

Maria Wirzberger presenting her poster

CrossWorlds researcher Maria Wirzberger had the opportunity to introduce her findings on influences of cognitive load on learning performance, speech and physiological parameters in a dual-task setting during one of the incredibly organized and well-attended poster sessions and received really encouraging feedback on her project. The presented approach resulted from ambitious collaborative work with fellow researcher Robert Herms from the chair of Media Informatics.

Besides of getting valuable scientific input and sucessfully improving her professional network across several European countries, our young researcher was truly impressed by the unique flair of the amazing conference location!



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