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Detailed Program

Monday, June 30

09:30   Registration

10:30   Opening

11:00    Keynote Eva Hornecker: Shared interactions beyond the desktop: how new interface types can support sociable user experiences

12:00   Lunch

13:00   Session: Social Aspects of Technology I

    Chair: Kalja Kanellopoulos

14:00   Break

14:20  Panel: Challenges of Interdisciplinary Work on New Technology

discussion between Peter Ohler, Betty Mohler, Celso de Melo, Eva Hornecker

15:00   Coffee break

15:20   Session: Social Aspects of Technology II

    Chair: Benny Liebold

16:00   Break

16:20   Demo Session

  • Vincent Küszter: Stereoscopic multi-user interaction with individual views
  • Michael Storz: User aware multi touch table
  • Christian Rau: Smart virtual worker
  • Anke Tallig: Mediator – a perception component for social robots
  • Thomas Schmieder: GameCast & EmoRama
  • Guided tour through the project house METEOR

18:00   END


19:00   Conference Dinner


Tuesday, July 1

9:00     Invited Talk Celso de Melo: The social functions of emotions in humans and computers

10:00   Break

10:15   Session Robots and Design

Chair: Andreas Bischof

11:15   Break

11:30   Invited Talk Betty Mohler: Perception research using immersive virtual reality technology

12:30   Lunch

13:30   Session: Differences between Real and Virtual World

    Chair: Daniel Pietschmann

14:10   Break

14:25   Capstone Talk Nicole Krämer: Interacting with robots and virtual agents – An overview of research on prerequisites and social effects

15:40   Conference Closing