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PAEPS 2013

PAEPS2013From September 23rd to 25th the German Psychological Society held its biannual symposium about pedagogical psychology. This year’s topic ‘gemeinsam verschieden’ (collectively different) inspired talks about the many different ways educational psychology is taught and experienced in the field of pedagogical psychology. The keynotes were presented by Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn (Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Haci Halil Uslucan (Duisburg-Essen), Prof. Dr. Peter Farrell (Manchester) and Prof. Dr. Kathy Sylva (Oxford). Crossworld researcher Madlen Wuttke attended the symposium and gathered new input for her pedagogical agent scenario – for example the contribution by Roland Gabner (Neu(ro)-learning) as well as the findings of the panel on ‘Learning through text and images’ and ‘Optimized learning processes based on Eye-Tracking’.



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