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We like to move it, move it ;-)

After a week of the usual troubles while working in a half-way boxed-up office-space, the CrossWorlds Team finally is moving into their new habitat, half a World away aCross the street. If you want to find us, remember to look into the A-Wing of Reichenhainer Str. 70, Rooms 312 through 317.


The first ‘Crossie’ defended his PHD thesis!

2014-07-17 12.06.32It happened! The first one of our Crossworlds colleagues, Daniel Pietschmann, has successfully defended his PhD thesis on July 17th. His dissertation is titled ‘Spatial Mapping in virtuellen Umgebungen: Der Einfluss von Stereoskopie und Natural Mapping auf die User Experience’ (Spatial Mapping in virtual environments: the influence of stereoscopy and natural mapping on the user experience). Daniel, the team congratulates you and your dedication to science and we hope to join you in the ranks of PhD, soon. 😀


Crossworlds goes HCII 2014

DSC_0246From June 22nd until Friday the 27th, the Human Computer Interaction International Conference 2014 took place in Heraklion, Crete. The HCI wants to promote the dissemination and exchange of scientific research in the field of human computer interaction. Within this context, the Crossworlds team presented papers about various topics ranging from stereoscopy and virtual environments to pedagogical agents and the social interactions during a trip to the museum. Many parallel sessions and multiple chats about ongoing research later, the participants agreed on one thing: the research of the Crossworlds team is certainly on the pulse of the time.


DFG – Terra Digitalis

Three teams of the CrossWorlds research group were chosen by the DFG for being advertised on the Terra Digitalis Website, which is now online – check it out!

Please scroll down on the page to make your balloon travel across the Terra Digitalis. Or simply click on these links to get to the CrossWorlds projects immediately:

Anke Tallig & Andreas Bischof
Kalja Kanellopoulos & Michael Storz
Madlen Wuttke & Kai-Uwe Martin


Crossworlds @ Studentische Medientage Chemnitz

On April 25th and 26th the 10th Studentische Medientage took place at the new auditorium building (NHG) at Technische Universität Chemnitz. In accordance with this year’s theme ‘Get Connected!’ numerous communication professionals discussed the importance of networking in lectures and workshops.

Once again the CrossWorlds team supported the conference by displaying their research projects. Amongst other examples, the second prototype table platform of Kalja Kanellopoulos and Michael Storz, presenting a card game and a game of Pong, was open to public experimentation. Currently, their second table is aboard the ship ‘MS Wissenschaft’ and travels across the rivers of Germany. Furthermore, Michael Heidt preseted a join
t human-computer exploration device and Anke Tallig tested the detection capabilities of non-verbal communication behavior by her new robot-guide installation.

And in addition to the professional audiences, the mentoring program ‘Girl’s Tandem’ visited the symposium and interacted with the various exhibitions from CrossWorlds.

The ‘Studentischen Medientage‘ are developed and organized solely by students of the Institute for Media Research at the Technische Universität Chemnitz but nevertheless established itself as a networking platform for other students and media professionals across Germany. This annual conference, established in 2005, meanwhile attracts more than 500 visitors from science and practice, in order to discuss media-relevant developments, new media perspectives and ideas.



PAEPS 2013

PAEPS2013From September 23rd to 25th the German Psychological Society held its biannual symposium about pedagogical psychology. This year’s topic ‘gemeinsam verschieden’ (collectively different) inspired talks about the many different ways educational psychology is taught and experienced in the field of pedagogical psychology. The keynotes were presented by Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn (Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Haci Halil Uslucan (Duisburg-Essen), Prof. Dr. Peter Farrell (Manchester) and Prof. Dr. Kathy Sylva (Oxford). Crossworld researcher Madlen Wuttke attended the symposium and gathered new input for her pedagogical agent scenario – for example the contribution by Roland Gabner (Neu(ro)-learning) as well as the findings of the panel on ‘Learning through text and images’ and ‘Optimized learning processes based on Eye-Tracking’.


International Summer Workshop on E?Learning, Embedded Systems and International Cooperation from July 17th-19th

During the workshop three members of the Crossworlds team presented their contributions in the field of computer engineering and E-Learning. In addition to these presentations of Anke Tallig, Kai-Uwe Martin and Madlen Wuttke from Technische Universität Chemnitz, the conference benefited greatly from contributions of researchers from Russia’s Novosibirsk State Technical University, Mongolia’s University of Science and Technology as well as researchers from India. Dr. Valerie Ruhe from Canada gave a keynote on ‚Evaluation in Distance Education and E-Learning: The Unfolding Model‘ which tied in very well with the Crossworld’s contributions ‚Mobile Learning‘, ‚Robotic Edutainers‘, and ‚Pro-Active Pedagogical Agents‘. All presented talks will be published in the upcoming conference proceedings, while the preparations for the International Summer Workshop in 2014 have already begun.

We thank the organizing committee, chaired by the IBS Foundation and the department of Computer Engineering by Prof. Dr. Hardt, for the enjoyable working environment and the opportunity to participate in the inspiring discussions.