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Cyberworlds 2014

Group Picture CyberWorlds 2014

Group Picture CyberWorlds 2014

The Cyberworlds 2014 conference was held in Santander, Spain on October 6th to 8th.
Our collegiate Vincent attended and held presented his paper “Exploring Stereoscopic Multi-User Interaction with Individual Views”. The conference focused on cyberworlds and all related issues, including (but not limited to) computer graphics, shape modeling, user interfaces, virtual worlds, multimodal interaction and rendering, computer vision for augmented and mixed reality, multiplayer online games, social and affective computing, and cognitive informatics.

There were two invited speakers, Prof. Tomoyuki Nishita (University of Tokyo & Hiroshima Shudo University, JAPAN) with his talk “Shading Models for Extended/Environmental Light Sources” and Prof. Jian Jun Zhang (National Center for Computer Animation & Bournemouth University, UK) with “Virtual Human Characters and their Roles in Scientific Research”.

Both talks and the papers presented by the other scientists were very interesting and relevant to both CrossWorlds and other projects at the university.



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