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4th Augmented Human International Conference 2013

Thad Starner

Thad Starner, wearing Google Glass on the 4th Augmented Human Conference 2013 in Stuttgart

The collegiate Vincent attended the 4th Augmented Human 2013, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 7 and 8. The conference focused on augmenting human capabilities through technology, seeking to improve human life. The keynote was held by Thad Starner, pioneer in wearable computing and Technical Lead/Manager on Google’s Project Glass. He talked about his work leading to Google Glass and some other hardware they invented, like a glove that can help people learning to play piano without having to pay attention. It was also interesting to hear how he started decades ago when wearable computers were only bulky prototypes, which he wore on a daily basis in his personal life.

All the presented papers detailed interesting concepts, like a camera in a football that generates a bird’s eye view when thrown, manipulation of emotional response by slightly changing the user’s reflection in a mirror or a system for gait rehabilitation for Parkinson’s patients. The whole conference was very inspiring and everyone agreed they were glad that they attended. The 5th Conference 2014 will be held in Kobe, Japan and our Collegiate hopes to attend again next year.